1st Week of Pregnancy – Don’t Miss These Early Signs of Pregnancy

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Only some women can feel the early signs of pregnancy within a week after conception while the majority of women see the signs of pregnancy in the second or third weeks. All these pregnancy symptoms are happening because of hormonal changes in a women’s body. Usually women are very sensitive to any change in their body so if you pay careful attention you can easily identify the early signs of pregnancy in the first week.

Here is the list of some of the most common signs of pregnancy.

1. Delayed menstruation:

Delayed menstruation is the most famous and common pregnancy symptom. Even though many pregnant women experience bleeding during very early pregnancy, their period usually quickly ends and passes less intensely than usual. So if you missed your period it is most likely you are pregnant and may be it is a good time to take a pregnancy test just to make sure.

2. Swelling / Increased breast sensitivity:

Swelling or increased breast sensitivity is also very common sign of pregnancy which becomes noticeable in 1 – 2 weeks after conception. A woman’s breast may feel sore or swollen and be very sensitive to even a slight touch. Also you might notice skin darkening around the nipples.

3. Fatigue / Apathy:

Feeling fatigue or apathy – is also a common sign of pregnancy. It does happen to many women and may appear in the first week after conception. This symptom is usually follows with being tired all the time, wanting to sleep longer, lack of energy and feeling emotionally drained. Some women experience fatigue during their first few months of pregnancy but some less lucky women have it through their entire pregnancy.

4. Increased appetite / Craving for certain foods:

Another well known pregnancy sign is sudden increase of appetite. You start to crave certain foods, the appetite becomes very difficult to control. A lot of women gain most of their baby weight in first trimester. Gaining a lot of weight during pregnancy is not healthy for you or your baby. So some measures must be taken to avoid unhealthy weight gain and at the same time to satisfy your food cravings in a healthy manner. You might want to have some sort of plan for the time of pregnancy where careful choices of foods and moderate physical exercise will help you to keep that stubborn baby weight off.

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