Does A Man’s Age Help Determine His Baby’s Gender?

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Recently, I received correspondence that asked about a topic which I’d not been asked about before. The writer wanted to know whether the father’s age had anything to do with whether he helped conceive a boy or a girl baby. Specifically, she wanted to know how a man’s age affects his baby’s gender. I did some research on this topic and will share my findings in the following article.

Does A Man’s Sperm Change With Age?: There’s quite a bit of literature and information which indicates that a woman’s fertility and egg quality changes and deteriorates as she ages. This is probably where the phase “my biological clock is ticking” comes from. Only recently have their been similar studies on the quality of a man’s sperm as he ages.

There have been studies which indicate that, much like a woman’s egg, the quality of a man’s sperm lessens as he ages. In other words, like women, men who are older have a greater chance for fertility issues and genetic issues. However, I could not find any studies which tested whether the ratio of X to Y sperm chromosomes changed as a man aged. I suspect that the reason for this is that it’s assumed that they don’t. And, if a man’s X to Y ratio do not change as his ages, then his chances for conceiving a boy or girl baby would not change unless the mother of his child had a better chance of conceiving a girl or a boy based on timing, vaginal PH, and the sexual positions used.

Now, there have been tests to see if men who had produced only one gender over another produced more sperm with that particular chromosome. In other words, they wanted to know if men who produced only girls also produced more X or girl producing sperm chromosomes. And, the next question was do men who have boys produce more Y or boy producing sperm chromosomes. The researchers who studied this came away with indications that the ratio remained constant. The men in the study still had roughly equal amounts of X and Y chromosomes and this was true whether the men had sons or daughters.

Assuming this ratio does not change with age, then both older and younger men would still have equal odds of conceiving a boy or a girl, which is the odds that mother nature give us.

So, What Do I Do If I’m Trying To Conceive A Certain Gender With A Younger Or Older Man?: In this case, the person who contact me was trying to conceive with an older man. But the question of age and baby gender could also come up with a younger man. From what I’ve read, it’s my opinion that the literature indicates that men’s X and Y chromosomes are thought to be equal and there’s no reason to think that this changes with age.

So, knowing this, you’re left with controlling what you can, which is yourself. What the mother to be or woman in this situation is able to control is the timing and sexual positions that she uses and her vaginal PH. Earlier timing, an acidic PH, and shallow positioning favors girl babies. And the opposite favors boy babies. So, depending on which gender you want, you can come up with a regimen that creates the optimal environment for this to happen.

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