The Differences Between Conceiving a Baby Boy and a Baby Girl

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I’m often asked questions about how conceiving each gender is different or unique. Some examples are: “what are some of the differences or variables that make you more likely to conceive either a girl or a boy baby?;” or “which is harder to conceive – a boy or a girl?;” or “I have two girls and I really want a boy this time. Is this impossible?” I’ll address these concerns and answer these questions in the following article.

The Sperm Chromosomes For Each Gender Are Different: There are basically two types of chromosomes that can fertilize your egg and your partner’s sperm contains roughly equal parts of each – X and Y. X produces girl babies and it is the slower of the two. But, it’s also the most long lived, the most resistant to obstacles, and is arguable the strongest. Y sperm produces boys and it’s the fastest but also the most vulnerable to difficulties placed in it’s path. In order to be successful and to get the gender you want, you need to downplay the strength of what you don’t want. So for example if you want a girl, you need to downplay the slowness of the X’s. And if you want a boy, you have to over come the strength of the Y’s.

Folks Who Conceive Girls Usually Do So Early In The Fertility Window. People Who Conceive Boys Wait Until Later: As I said before, X’s can live longer than Y’s. So, people who get girl babies usually begin having intercourse before ovulation. In this time frame, a good amount of boy sperm have died off before ovulation takes place. It’s optimal to begin trying 3 -4 days before your egg can be fertilized if you want a daughter. On the flip side, if you want to conceive a boy or have a son, then trying anytime before the actual day of ovulation is at best a waste of time and at worst will get you a female baby. Since Y’s can only live a few days at the most, you don’t want them to have to be waiting around (and weakening or deteriorating.)

This is often why folks will tell you that it’s harder to conceive a girl. Because you need to know when you’re going to ovulate before it actually happens. It’s not good enough just to know that it has happened. By then, it’s already too late. Most ovulation predictors are only extremely accurate when showing that the egg has been released. But, it’s best to know that several days in advance, especially if your goal is a daughter. Saliva ovulation predictors are very good for these purposes.

Women Who Conceive Girls Are Generally Acidic, While Women Who Conceive Boys Are Generally Alkaline: Hopefully, I’ve shown you what an important factor that time is in all of this. Now, I want to show you that PH is also very important. As I’ve said, early intercourse is a friend to girl sperm, but a foe to male sperm. In the same way, acidity is favorable to conceiving daughters and unfavorable to conceiving boys. That’s because the weaker Y’s, who are already vulnerable, just can not handle acidity. So if you’re wanting to conceive a girl then you want to rid your vaginal tract of them. One way to do this is to make it very acidic.

On the flip side, if you want a boy, you want to make it as easy on these vulnerable little fellows as you possibly can. So, you want to lower your PH instead of raise it. No matter if you want to lower or raise it, you do this via diet or via douching. You can consume alkaline foods to lower your PH and consume acidic foods to raise it. The solutions that you use to douche will vary depending on where you are when you start this process. You can find this out using little strips that either test your PH using either saliva or urine. You can sometimes find these at nutrition centers. If not, you can get them online.

Intercourse Positions Can Help Also: This variable is probably the least important of the three, but it is also the easiest to achieve. If you’re trying to conceive a boy, use deeper penetration because this just helps the Y’s make it there quicker and it lightens their load. For a girl conception, shallow penetration is best.

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