What is the Best Month to Conceive Or Get Pregnant With a Girl Baby? I’ll Tell You

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I get a lot of emails which ask me to help the writer determine the perfect day to conceive a female or girl baby. People want to know precisely what day of the week, what month, what time of the month, and even what hour are optimal for a female conception. I have to admit that I believe that ovulation times and PH readings are much more important than what the calendar says, but I have to admit that there is one interesting study which indicates that some months and seasons are better than others if you are trying for a daughter. I will discuss this more in the following article.

Why Months In The Spring Might Be Slightly Better If You’re Trying For A Girl Baby: Italian researchers analyzed birth rates over a six year period. They looked at over 14,000 live births. They found that there were a higher number of boy babies conceived in September through November, while a higher number of girls were conceived from March to May. (Statistically speaking, these higher numbers are pretty slight, but they are there.)

This is thought to be nature’s way of ensuring that more boys are born in the summer when there are warmer temperatures and more day light hours. It’s widely known that boy babies are more vulnerable and weak (as are the sperm chromosomes (Y) that produce boy babies), so researchers think that this is nature’s way of ensuring that more males are born during warmer months to spare them the harsher winters.

Researchers admit that there may be a higher concentration of Y sperm chromosomes seasonally but this has not yet been looked at. Whatever the reasoning, there were slight differences in gender in the spring than there was in winter, but again, there were still plenty of boys conceived in the spring and plenty of girls conceived in the winter.

When you reach this particular “optimal period” (long days and warm weather) is of course going to vary by your climate. If you live close the equator then you will have this type of weather for most of the year. Frankly, I believe that there are many other variables that are much more important than what the calendar is showing you, which I will discuss below.

What You Should Worry About More Than The Calendar If You’re Trying To Conceive A Girl: I agree that the Y or boy sperm vulnerability is a big advantage. I also concede that research shows this seems to come into play more in the spring months. However, if you take full advantage of timing and PH, I absolutely believe that you can conceive a girl in any month that you wish.

The first thing that you need to consider is ovulation times. We know that boy sperm (or the Y’s) do not live as long as girls. Therefore, you want to have a very long fertility window because doing this will ensure that most of the Y’s have died off and can not make it to the egg. You do this by conceiving before your egg is ready to be fertilized. You want to shoot for three to four days before ovulation. And, this typically requires a superb ovulation predictor since many will only give you a “positive” or “plus” reading once ovulation has happened. Saliva predictors will often allow you to see the days before ovulation actually occurs.

Next, you’ll need to consider your acidity. If your goal is a girl baby, then you want a very high PH. The reason for this is because the boy sperm are too weak to withstand this. So, this will just be one more thing that is going to weed them out. You can test to see where your PH is with little strips that you can typically find at a health food store. Then, depending on where you are, you can raise this by eating a highly acidic diet or by specialty douches.

And, it really all boils down to this. Your ideal day to conceive a girl occurs when your PH reads sky high and your ovulation predictor is showing that you are 3 – 4 days from ovulation. This is hopefully two days and every cycle and no more than this. (And if your PH is not high enough yet, you should wait.) I firmly believe that it doesn’t matter what month this occurs in. I’ve seen this work too many times during the winter months to think other wise.

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